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Eclectic Electronics Looks at VR

Posted: 01 Feb 2016 04:30 PM PST

The purpose of Eclectic Electronics is to bring you news and reviews of the newest and most exciting trends in electronics. The world of electronics is a fast changing area, and you will want to know what is new and what is coming right around the corner.cardboard-vr-headset

One of the latest trends that we have been waiting a long time for is virtual reality. We are studying all of the newest innovations in VR including virtual reality for smartphones, VR for game systems, and VR for computers. In the area of smartphone VR, there are a lot of entry-level types of VR headsets, but many of them might not be worth purchasing. The most inexpensive ones are constructed of cardboard and probably won’t last very long. It will be worth spending more money and picking up a better headset. With a cardboard VR system, you will have to hold it up at all times as they don’t come with head straps. Take our advice and invest in a more substantial headset. You’ll be glad you did.

We have a couple of reviews of new smartphone VR headsets that you should peruse. The Freefly VR headset is very reasonably priced at $85 and has the widest available field of view at 120 degrees as well as including a Bluetooth, gamepad controller. It also works with almost all new smartphones including the Android and iPhone. Take a look at our Freefly VR review page to find out more. We have also taken a look at the Homido VR headset which offers an advantage of different adjustments for those with nearsightedness and farsightedness. You can also visit our Homido VR review page.


Freefly VR

We will be discussing the much talked about Oculus Rift for PC’s in the near future. The Oculus Rift rolls in at $599. The leaked price on the Playstation VR headset soon to come out will be retailing around $800, however that sounds awfully high. We will keep an eye on it.