Tech Mania: How To Connect WordPress Blog And Facebook Account? Ask Your Web Design Company plus 2 more articles

Tech Mania: How To Connect WordPress Blog And Facebook Account? Ask Your Web Design Company plus 2 more articles

How To Connect WordPress Blog And Facebook Account? Ask Your Web Design Company

Posted: 30 Apr 2011 01:30 PM PDT

has become favorite hobby of people around the globe whether it's for individual purpose or for business needs. This book is helping people to share what they want with whom they want. It's an efficient way of promoting a business among prospective customers. Blogging has also become popular at Facebook. Bloggers are busy in sharing their thoughts with others having the same interest.


It's possible to share the stuff through Facebook by plug-in. Here are some good plug-in to be used through Facebook.

Add To Facebook Plug-in


This plug-in allows your article link at the end of the article for facilitating users to share with whom they want within their Facebook social circle. Ask your web design company to include this plug-in at your website.

Facebook Plug-in

fb dashboard

It's possible to read all the updates even you are not sign in with your Facebook account. This plug-in traces messages of friends in Facebook through WordPress widget. All the latest happening at their end can be gained at Admin Dashboard of WordPress.

JanRain RPX Plug-in


This plug-in helps users commenting at your blog while being signed in from different accounts like those of Facebook, OpenID, Windows Live ID, Twitter, yahoo, Google, and MySpace. Along with their comment the platform they are using is also mentioned as icon.

Facebook Posted Items Plug-in

fb posted 150x300

It's possible to past different items posted at your Facebook account to get a place at your WordPress blog. It's in your hands to arrange the items as you want.


wordbook 300x276

Blog updates of WordPress can be mentioned at Facebook minified portion by using this Plug-in. The only thing you have to do is to make a connection between your WordPress blog and Facebook account.

Facebook/Twitter Status Updater Plug-in

fb twitter updater 300x166

This plug-in keep the readers updated about your Facebook or Twitter status messages while staying at your blog. All the new posts are updated at the blog through this Plug-in.

Gigya Socialize Plug-in

gigya 300x193

If you are a WordPress blogger then you can invite many others to come and visit your blog by using this plug-in. It's simple to use; you need to visit the Gigya website and obtain your secret keys and API is order to use this plug in for sharing purpose.

WP-FacebookConnect Plug-in

fb connect 300x249

This pug in allows sharing of the blog from WordPress to others in your circle while making use of Facebook Connect APIs. If you are login with your Facebook account, you will only need to comment at the blog and let that get published along with Facebook avatars.

QuailPress Plug-in

quailpress 261x300

By adding this plug-in at your WordPress blog, you can enable users to share the blog with their Facebook friends.

Fotobook Plug-in

fotobook 300x239

It's easy to import pictures from Facebook and use them in your WordPress blogs. It also facilitates photos from more than one Facebook accounts. Pictures can also be managed by using the Ajax tool provided with this plug-in.

Facebook Fan box Plug-in

facebook fan box 300x133

Now fan box can also be included along with your WordPress blog by using this plug-in. It will get the place of sidebar widget. Facebook Fan page is created at first step and then you are expected to go for different API key and ID to use this Plug-in.

Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook Plug-in

feed fb 300x106

If you want to generate separate feed for Facebook on your own and don't want to go for the Facebook way; this plug-in is of great use.

Find the best plug-in from the list mentioned above and make a good connection between Facebook and your WordPress blog. Enrich readers' experience who will serve to promote your blogs within their social circle of Facebook. Isn't it amazing? Yes it is, try few plug-in for your blog.

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Toshiba’s Tegra 2 powered Honeycomb tablet clears the FCC

Posted: 30 Apr 2011 05:03 AM PDT

Toshiba’s forthcoming Tegra 2 powered 10.1-inch Android tablet which is already headed to as the AT300 may take a while reaching the US though.Now it seems the company could be close to shipping a real, working product here in the US. The still unnamed — dubbed the ET100/WT100 for now — has won FCC approval for its 802.11n and Bluetooth radios.

toshibatablet 300x201

toshiba tablet 300x146

toshiba tablet 1 300x139

toshiba tablet 2 300x199

toshiba tablet 3 300x141

toshiba fcc 300x201

To recap, the slate will have a 10.1-inch (1280 x 800)  capacitive display, , ambient light sensor (or what Toshiba has dubbed as Adaptive Display technology)  will run on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 platform, and sport dual cameras – 5 megapixel rear camera as well as a 2 megapixel front-facing one., HDMI and USB ports, an SD and, possibly, a removable battery.Toshiba’s maintaining that the tablet will be released in the first half of 2011 (it obviously has to wait until Honeycomb has been made official) and the pricing will be competitive.Have to wait and watch.

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Things you need to keep in mind while choosing your web host.

Posted: 30 Apr 2011 01:44 AM PDT

The renting space provided on a is called web hosting. Web site is nothing but a domain name. It is a collection of files that display text and graphics on your . This is that allows you to receive the requests from the internet to the website files which is then stored and then sends the files over to the internet so that the computer can display them. This also provides other services such as creating addresses on the domain name. Many types of software are installed on the which enables your websites to run several programs. Any type of computer can act as a but the software on it will it make it act as a server.

shared hosting3

  • Space and is very much necessary for a computer to store data. Probably has limited amount of hard disk memory to divide up and offer the hosting to their customers. The space provided is split into different package levels when you pay more you get more and you will have enough amount of space to have videos, store pictures and many other files too. Probably if your website is presented with bigger space than the purchase of will also be more from the .
  • Bandwidth is a very important factor too because when one copy of your files is stored on the server, thousands or millions of them can download it for viewing. This commodity must be purchased by the web host from the internet service providers. Purchasing more bandwidth space is good for your site as well, since when your site will have an increase in its traffic you will require more bandwidth space.
  • Nowadays, the services and facilities for your web pages are offered 24 hours a day by the companies but some times they may fail when you purchase a best quality web host wherein you have 99% uptime guarantee then even the web server will be running for 99% of the billing period.
  • CGI scripts is a offer provided by variety of web hosting companies which commonly perform desired functions such as guest books, message boards and many other programs.

Sarvesh is a part time blogger and loves to write on webhosting and tech niches. He for a site selling best cheap website hosting servicesand virtual private servers.

Things you need to keep in mind while choosing your web host. is a post from: Tech Mania

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