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How Do You Define S&OP? Would a Child Understand It?

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 12:16 PM PDT

If you ask five professionals who work in supply chain management or manufacturing to define sales and operations planning (S&OP), you’re likely to get five different answers. How companies—and the individuals who work there—define S&OP often depends largely on the role … Continue reading →

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Steelwedge Software

Steelwedge Software

Do You Have the Right Planning Technology? Revisit the Priorities with Gartner and Steelwedge

Posted: 19 Jun 2013 08:33 AM PDT

Steelwedge looks forward to hosting a webinar entitled “Selecting the Right Planning Technology: Time to Revisit Priorities,” on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 12 pm EDT. Tim Payne, Research Vice President at Gartner, will present during this live, interactive webinar. As … Continue reading →

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

Facebook Hashtag to Roll Out, follows Twitter?

Posted: 14 Jun 2013 04:37 AM PDT

When you try to search some information or data in "Facebook Search Box", there are times that results are not that related to your keywords. Luckily and finally, Facebook, the number one Social Media site, gets Hashtag Support. On the coming weekends, Facebook Hashtag will be visible to users which give them the opportunity to be informed and to join a public conversation with their interests just like NBA Finals, Game of Thrones or The Vampire Diaries Episodes, or any topics.

A sample output of a Facebook Hashtag came out in Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Founder, Mark Monta's timeline.

" During primetime television alone, there are between 88 and 100 million Americans engaged on Facebook - roughly a Super Bowl-sized audience every single night. The recent "Red Wedding" episode of Game of Thrones, received over 1.5 million mentions on Facebook, representing a significant portion of the 5.2 million people who watched the show. And this year's Oscars buzz reached an all-time high on Facebook with over 66.5 million interactions, including likes, comments, and posts. " said Greg Lindley a Facebook post.

Introducing Hashtags on Facebook

Starting today, hashtags will be clickable on Facebook. Similar to other services like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, hashtags on Facebook allow you to add context to a post or indicate that it is part of a larger discussion. When you click on a hashtag in Facebook, you'll see a feed of what other people and Pages are saying about that event or topic.

Now you can:

• Search for a specific hashtag from your search bar. For example, #NBAFinals.
• Click on hashtags that originate on other services, such as Instagram.
• Compose posts directly from the hashtag feed and search results.

As always, you control the audience for your posts, including those with hashtags.

On the coming weeks, more features will be rolled out just like trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the world's conversations.

Steelwedge Software

Steelwedge Software

Partner Perspectives: Got Agility?

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 08:38 AM PDT

Partnership, as defined by Wikipedia, is "an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests." I believe the fundamental reasons people and organizations establish partnerships, including software vendors and channel partners, have not changed. It's collaboration for … Continue reading →

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

BlackBerry Q10, Best of Both Worlds

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 10:18 AM PDT

Why "Best of Both Worlds"? Well, aside from its available colours of Black and White, BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone is the first to feature a classic BlackBerry QWERTY physical Keyboard and Touchscreen display. This new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone is available in the Philippines on June 7, 2013 with starting price of PHP 31,990 under it's first carrier in the country, Globe Telecommunications Inc.

PHOTO [Left - Right] : Daniel Do, BB Senior Carrier Sales Manager, Mark MontaFounder of Cebu Bloggers Society and Kristian Salvo, BlackBerry Senior Business Manager

Largest ever on a BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone, BlackBerry Q10 offers great highlights like Sharper camera pixels, Lighter in weight with Glass case wave cover, tighter and stronger stainless steel chassis for great keyboard protection. There are built in Social Media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and so with the very famous Skype for calls.

The re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform offers you a powerful and unique new mobile computing experience that continuously adapts to your needs. Every feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep you moving forward towards your goal, and includes advancements such as:

The ever present BlackBerry® Hub, which brings all your conversations together in one easy to manage place that you can access at any time from any app with a simple "peek", so you're always only one swipe away from what matters to you.
BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, which elegantly separates and secures work applications and data from personal content, protecting what's important to you and the business you work for.
BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger), which lets you share things with the people that matter to you in an instant. BBM on BlackBerry 10 smartphones includes voice calling and video chat, and lets you share your screen with another BlackBerry 10 smartphone contact.
BlackBerry® Remember, which helps you tackle tasks quickly with a new way to collect, organize and action all the information sitting in different places across your smartphone.

Highlights of BlackBerry 10.1

BlackBerry Hub manages all of your conversations
BlackBerry Hub helps you stay organized, in control and on top of all of your conversations, and with BlackBerry 10.1, it just keeps getting better. You can now view emails that are attached to another email, get contact suggestions when you start addressing a message, and send PIN to PIN messages for direct communication between BlackBerry smartphones.

Personalize your Notifications

BlackBerry 10.1 allows you to set up personalized notifications for your contacts and accounts. Customize ringtones and vibrations for calls or message from each of your friends, family or colleagues. You can also set up a different notification for different accounts (such as for different email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Click to call

You can now click on a phone number in an email or BBM message to call the number or copy and paste it right onto the dialer screen in the phone app.

Better cursor control

BlackBerry 10.1 offers better cursor control making it easier to accurately place the cursor and select text. Just tap once to bring up the cursor control, grab the blue circle and drag it around to the insertion point that you want. Improved visual feedback lets you know where you're pointing. You can also tap either side of the circle to move forward or backward one character at a time.

Improved picture capturing

BlackBerry 10.1 adds an HDR (high dynamic range) shooting mode for taking beautiful images in tricky lighting conditions. High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode takes multiple pictures at different exposure levels and layers them automatically to produce a single photo that combines the best of the dark and light areas. It also includes improved red eye and golden eye reduction in the picture editor.

More to discover with BlackBerry 10.1

You'll find a number of new enhancements across the BlackBerry 10 OS like landscape support for the calendar, easier international dialing and so much more. The first step to discovering these new features on your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is to update your BlackBerry 10 software.

Updating is easy

Updating to BlackBerry 10.1 is free and easy to do. To update your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone to BlackBerry 10.1 look for the alert in the notifications section of the BlackBerry Hub. You can also check for software updates through the software updates section in the Settings menu or through the BlackBerry Link desktop software. The download will happen in the background and the update will be applied without needing to back up your smartphone. All of your information remains safe. For more information on how to update your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, visit

Remote Folder Access

•       Allows the user to view and/or download content (music, videos, pictures and documents) from their workstation to the BlackBerry 10 device
•       Works over LAN and WAN transports
•       Based on BlackBerry ID (same ID on device and workstation)
•       The user can also copy files from the device (or even to a Cloud source like DropBox) and save them onto the workstation
•       Requires a BlackBerry 10 device running OS 10.1 and BlackBerry Link v1.1 installed on the workstation
•       Works with multiple devices and workstations, as long as the user has signed in with the same BlackBerry ID

Skype for BlackBerry
Skype app for BlackBerry runs on the new BlackBerry 10.1 OS.  For more information on the Skype app for BlackBerry, please visit and our Inside BlackBerry Blog at   The Skype blog has more feature information for this app:

Steelwedge Software

Steelwedge Software

Are You Ready for 5 Stages of S&OP Maturity?

Posted: 06 Jun 2013 12:20 PM PDT

Two weeks ago, at its annual Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, Gartner rolled out the latest evolution to its sales and operations planning (S&OP) maturity model. Part of the reason: a majority of manufacturers were getting "stuck" at Stage … Continue reading →

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

Free Twitter on Mobile Phones by Smart Communications

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 01:09 PM PDT

Since Sun Cellular released its free Facebook to all of its subscribers via Facebook Zero, everybody in the web or social media are crossing their fingers for another Telecommunication here in the Philippines which can provide a free access to Twitter, the second largest social media site next to Facebook. And guess what? Smart Communications, the Philippines' leading wireless provider, grants our wishes as it presents to you Twitter Zero.

Twitter Zero is a free twitter access on your mobile phones by Smart Communications which is up until July 31, 2013 only.  Through this program, you can tweet anytime. Get updated from latest news on showbiz, entertainment, political events, issues and even in some trending topics of your own interests. How to avail Twitter Zero? Logon to or text twitter to 211 for more information and details.

Here is the Mechanics of this program ( source: )

  • Smart is offering free access to Twitter until July 31, 2013. Just go to on your mobile browser.
  • Data network should be turned on to enable the free access.
  • Clicking on outbound links and accessing Twitter via apps or widgets will incur standard data charges.
  • Running background apps in Smartphones may also incur data charges.
  • Set your homepage URL to a free site like to avoid redirecting to other sites upon opening your browser.

If you are up and ready to tweet, don't forget to hashtag #SmartFreeToTweet and join the conversation of Tweeps all over the world. Check their post for detials:

Should you have inquiries, post them below via Comments Box.

Steelwedge Software

Steelwedge Software

Global Planning Q&A with S&OP Expert Tom Wallace

Posted: 31 May 2013 10:06 AM PDT

On May 29, 2013, Tom Wallace, sales and operations planning (S&OP) author and educator, and Steelwedge Vice President, Nari Viswanathan, presented a webinar entitled "Is Your Global Planning Like Whack-A-Mole?," as part of the Steelwedge 2013 Agility Webinar Series. Hundreds of people joined the … Continue reading →