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Why S&OP Belongs in the Cloud

Posted: 27 Dec 2012 02:14 PM PST

Hurricanes and tsunamis. Diverse and aggressive competition. Volatile financial markets. Fickle consumers. Uncertainty is clearly the new norm. Gone are the days of rigid business plans and fine-tuned demand forecasts. Today's businesses need unprecedented organizational agility to quickly recognize, recalibrate and respond to shifting demand in the face of volatility. Integrated business planning (IBP) – the next phase of S&OP maturity – aligns sales, operations, finance and other functional areas into a single line of sight, from plan to performance to profit. But how do you achieve the accessibility, collaboration and immediacy needed to act on a unified planning view at the speed of business? The answer lies in the cloud. According to Gartner, cloud computing-based solutions, across S&OP and all of supply chain management, are quickly becoming the requirement. Case in point: integrated business planning. IBP requires that executives (and systems) across functional areas – e.g. sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, manufacturing, finance– have the tools and processes to work together. Only a cloud-based platform can quickly deliver on this promise, and here are four reasons why. #1 Executive Buy-In IBP requires a connected, collaborative view of S&OP processes across the enterprise to answer pivotal questions, such as the variance between revenue forecast, budget and compensation target by service line; or expected quarterly revenue by business unit.… Read the rest

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

DealDash, Shopping as a game

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 09:16 PM PST

In this electronic or I may say Online era, it's not just social life went online, some other affairs, products, events and other stuff on our mind have been completely bonded into online or the internet. And also Shopping has conquered the net!

Shopping has always been one of the major tasks that customers are doing in the internet but what DealDash , next generation penny auction company/site, has made was they step up the shopping experience into a level of a more comfortable and enjoying online activity.

Do a DealDash Review and get your favorite heels or computer gadgets asap!

In Deal Dash, these 1.5 million shoppers won't lose but can win and save up tp 99%, what are you waiting for? Happy Shopping and Gaming!

Pro Hack - EIGRP Cheatsheet - EIGRP in 15 min

Pro Hack - EIGRP Cheatsheet – EIGRP in 15 min

Long time folks, was busy with a lot of projects. Hope coming year gets less busier and I get to get my hands more dirty on networks and network security. In the meantime, here is an EIGRP cheat sheet which I thought will be helpful to folks who just want a quick theory review of Cisco's EIGRP. Though I wanted to cover a lot more in cheat sheet like EIGRP technologies, planning but it would have defeated the purpose of cheatsheet. Never mind, I am preparing a more comprehensive EIGRP guide which I might publish soon depending on the feedback received. In the meantime, You can find the cheatsheet at Slideshare and Scribd.


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bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

bugITs goes to Best Cebu Blogs Awarding ceremony

Posted: 30 Nov 2012 05:57 PM PST

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2012 Awarding Night and Ceremony will be held on December 9, 2012 (Sunday), 6PM to 9PM at Insular Square in Mandaue City.  All thirty qualified nominees are expected to arrive in their semi-casual outfit.  The awarding night program is still being prepared and will be posted soon.

Best Cebu Blogs 2012 Online Poster

Insular Square as the Official Venue Partner

This year's awarding night venue partner is no other than Insular Square, a lifestyle center nestled conveniently right along Mandaue National Highway.  Learn more about Insular Square by visiting their Facebook page.

Twitter Hashtag

Everyone is encouraged to use #BCBA2012 whenever mentioning or tweeting about BCBA awards in Twitter.  The new BCBA twitter account is already online @bcbawards.

Sponsors and Partners

The following are the official sponsors and partners of the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2012.

GOLD Sponsors

BRONZE Sponsors

DONOR Sponsors



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