Tech Mania: Mass Effect 2 sells 500,000 units on day one in America plus 1 more articles

Tech Mania: Mass Effect 2 sells 500,000 units on day one in America plus 1 more articles

Mass Effect 2 sells 500,000 units on day one in America

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 12:17 PM PST

After a strong critical reception and intense advertising campaign, Mass Effect 2 the sequel to Mass effect had an excellent opening day in the Americas. According to VGChartz preliminary estimates, around 500,000 copies of the game were sold on day one on Xbox 360 itself(PC sales were not tracked). If this goes as expected how it will go then the total sales should surpass 700,000 in the Americas by this coming week.

masseffect2 250x140 Mass Effect 2 sells 500,000 units on day one in America

mass effect2 250x140 Mass Effect 2 sells 500,000 units on day one in America

This week could be close to one million units worldwide on Xbox 360 – in line with the launch of Fable II back in October 2008. The original Mass Effect sold 2.1 million copies on Xbox 360 in total and 400,000 in week one – Mass Effect 2 will comfortably outperform that in this coming week.The other big release this week is MAG: Massive Action Game. Day one sales stand at around 140,000 units and the title should be good for a week one of just over 200,000 units.So have you bought yet !

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iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 04:37 AM PST

After the launch of iPad,Apple has made available iPhone SDK 3.2 for developers to build applications for iPad when it would be made available worldwide in around 60 days from now.Members who have enrolled in the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program can access the development code for iPhone OS 3.2 Beta for iPad by signing into Apple Developer Connection.Members enrolled in the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program can access the development codebits for iPhone OS 3.2 Beta for iPad by signing into Apple Developer Connection.

Apple iPad SDK emulator 193x250 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

Apple iPad SDK emulator1 196x250 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

Apple iPad SDK emulator2 197x249 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

Apple iPad SDK emulator3 194x250 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

Apple iPad SDK emulator5 191x250 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

Rest of the images can be found via Engadget(pics  by noted iPhone jailbreaker chpwn, who sent in the above screenshot from a hacked-up copy of the iPad simulator.)

Download iPhone 3.2 Beta SDK

So what’s special in iPhone OS 3.2, let me tell your in brief about it.Some of it’ s features are listed below.

  • File downloads and local storage in the browser which means you’ll be able to pull files off the web and use them in other apps.
  • Ability to selectively draw to external displays.
  • CoreGraphics to PDF API for sure, printer API is being prototyped.
  • Richer text support for apps, the ability to selectively draw to external displays.
  • File Upload ability in Safari, prototype support for a "handwriting keyboard."
  • PTP support for transferring images
  • MobileStorageMounter (perhaps used for PTP; perhaps used to mount external USB storage?)
  • Hardware keyboard: USBKeyboardLayouts.plist
  • Spell checker with multiple dictionaries and user-added entries. Spell checker in text fields and web views using AppleSpell
    - multiple dictionaries(Thanks to  iPhone jailbreak dev Ryan Petrich)
    - grammar checking (English-only so far)
    - address book integration
    - user added entries
    - SDK access
    - Included dictionaries: Apple Dictionary, New Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus, Shogakukan Daijisen, Shogakukan Progressive English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary, and Shogakukan Ruigo Reikai Jiten
  • USB Host support or expanded Bluetooth support.
  • Much richer text API including low-level access to font data and highlevel support for drawing formatted text.
  • Ability for applications to modify the standard cut/copy/paste menu.

That is all with the feature listing which you would see in iPhone OS 3.2.One more confirmed news is the support for video calling.Engadget confirmed this from their extremely trusted sources that iPhone OS 3.2 contains rudimentary support for video calling, which could explain that mysterious space at the top of the device.There are hooks to accept and decline a video conference, flip a video feed (which suggests a front-facing camera) and — most importantly — run the video call in either full screen mode or in just a portion of the screen. That means you’ll be able to chat and do other things at the same time, which could mean there’s at least some type of multitasking going on here.chpwn was also able to port iPhone multitasking hacks ProSwitcher and Backgrounder to the iPad simulator, which is certainly going to be useful if an iPad jailbreak exploit is eventually discovered.

ipad galleries 200x250 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

ipad galleries1 198x249 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

ipad galleries2 198x250 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

ipad galleries3 191x250 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

ipad galleries4 195x250 iPhone OS 3.2 SDK available for iPad and features

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Apple iPad Tablet Features And Specifications - Official Price List

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 10:50 PM PST

Apple has officially announced its new magical, revolutionary device for surfing the web, reading and sending email, viewing photos, watching movies or videos, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books and so forth, which named as Apple iPad (previously rumored as Apple iTablet or Apple iSlate).

Apple iPad is able to run virtually all of the 140,000 apps from the App Store – from games to productivity apps and much more, featuring 12 next-generation, innovative multi-touch applications that work in both portrait and landscape. The iPad is available in 2 versions – Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models.

"iPad is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price," commented Steve Jobs, CEO for Apple. "iPad creates and defines an entirely new category of devices that will connect users with their apps and content in a much more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before."


In addition, Apple also announced a new version of iWork desktop-class productivity suite for the iPad, which includes Pages, Keynote and Numbers apps that have been completely redesigned for Apple iPad, allowing users to create incredible presentations with animations and transitions, word processing documents, and spreadsheets with charts, functions and formulas by directly touching the words and images on the Multi-Touch display. iWork will costs $9.99.

Unique Features And Specifications Of Apple iPad :

  • Large 9.7-inch LED-backlit wide Multi-Touch screen (1024 x 768 pixels resolution) with IPS (in-plane switching) technology and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Extremely powerful, power efficient 1GHz Apple A4 system-on-a-chip
  • Customizable Home Screen provides users one-tap access to everything on iPad
  • Spotlight Search allows users to search across Apple iPad, and its built-in apps including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iPod and Notes
  • Browse and buy music, TV shows, podcasts on your iPad by just tap on the iTunes Store icon
  • Safari web browser lets users navigate through the Internet easily
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology and Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) connectivity
  • Based on latest iPhone OS 3.2
  • Support speeds up to 7.2 Mbps on HSDPA networks (Wi-Fi + 3G model only)
  • Built-in 25Whr rechargeable lithium polymer battery supports up to 10 hours of battery life
  • 30-pin dock connector lets users connect to new iPad accessories such as Camera Connection Kit or Keyboard Dock
  • Support variety of languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Russian
  • Integrated speaker, microphone, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and digital compass
  • A-GPS (Wi-Fi + 3G model) or cellular (Wi-Fi + 3G model)
  • Available in 3 variants of flash memory capacities – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB

Complete list of features and specifications can be found on Apple website


Furthermore, the company also introduced a great and convenient way to browse, buy and read books on Apple iPad – iBooks app, which includes Apple's new iBookstore that features books from major and independent publishers.

There are various iPad accessories that will be launched by Apple together with iPad. And, check out iPad video demo and keynote address VOD.

The new Apple iPad which measures 9.56 x 7.47 x 0.5 inches and weights about 1.5 pounds is expected to be available by March 2010 starting at an affordable price of $499. View the full price list of Apple iPad.

Apple iPad Price

International price will be announced at a later date. And, consumers likely to be able to purchase iPad at slightly below the official price listed above, due to discount and promotion by retailers. Overall, the higher end model of iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model is $130 more expensive than the non-3G model. And, the price of iPad does not included 3G data plan, where iPad users have to sign up separately with AT&T, with the following price. The price for iPad, especially Wi-Fi + 3G model may be lower if there is subsidized version be sold on contract.

AT & T 3G Data Plan Price

250 MB per Month Plan: $14.99 / month
Unlimited Plan: $29.99 /month

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Latest Digital Technology Review

Latest Digital Technology Review

Pentax Optio H90 Digital Camera

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 04:35 PM PST

Improved technology Pixel Track Shake Reduction capture sharp pictures and face detection, Smile Capture, and Blink detection functions help users create better portraits. In addition, the Pentax Optio H90 offers Eye-Fi connectivity capability for use with memory cards Eye-Fi wireless. The Pentax Optio H90 will be available in February 2010 in a choice of Orange-Silver, Matte Black and Ceramic White for $ 179.95.

Pentax Optio H90 Digital Camera

Pentax Imaging Company announces a new digital camera with a unique design, the Pentax Optio H90. The Pentax Optio H90 digital camera with a clean, contemporary design that is in style in a museum of modern art as in a concert or sporting event. Developed with the concept of “functional beauty in mind, the Pentax H90 fashionable and affordable offers an assortment of features to capture a variety of subjects and scenes. The first model of the new H Optio line offers a wide angle 5x optical zoom (28mm-140mm equivalent), 12.1-megapixel high resolution CCD and wide-screen HD video capture at 720p and 30 fps.

Designed with functional beauty in mind, the Pentax Optio H90 features clean, straight lines and easy to push round control buttons. With aluminum alloy of high quality paint finish and matte, the body is shaped for a firm, comfortable hold. Pentax The H90 has a high performance 5x optical zoom covers focal lengths from 5.1 mm to 25.5 mm (35mm format equivalent to approx 28mm wide angle to 140mm telephoto). With this wide range zoom, the Pentax Optio H90 may be used for a wide variety of subjects and scenes of spectacular landscapes, majestic architecture and group photos in confined spaces with well cropped snapshots from a distance. With an intelligent zoom function that allows you to zoom even more stringent requirements, the digital zoom range is approximately 3X.

With 12.1 million effective pixels, the Pentax Optio H90 offers exceptional image resolution with the Pentax-developed imaging engine for high performance high quality images with well defined details. Even when images are enlarged, the camera delivers sharp, high print resolution edge to edge sharpness. Despite its compact body, the Pentax H90 has a large 2.7 inch color high brightness LCD monitor with approximately 230,000 points. With this large screen, the user may check the results of images and make any adjustments desired menu quickly.

The Pentax Optio H90 Capture beautiful high definition movies clips (1280 x 720 pixels). The device is equipped with sophisticated Movie SR (Shake Reduction) mode that automatically compensates for camera shake when capturing high quality video, animation clips stabilized with minimal effort. The H90 Optio Face Detection AF & AE function detects up to 32 faces and optimizes focus and exposure settings in a gain of just 0.03 seconds, even when the faces are tilted or sideways. The Pentax Optio H90 is equipped with a Smile Capture mode that automatically releases the shutter when the camera detects the subject’s smile and blink detection feature that alerts the user if the eyes of a topic closed at the outbreak. [via letsgodigital]


HP Deskjet F4580 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 01:35 PM PST

When we examined the Deskjet D5560 a couple of weeks, we were impressed by the price of this printer inkjet wireless, but the Deskjet F4580, reviewed here, is a complete wireless All-in-one available for less than 45 pounds. To the customer at home is more interested in printing documents than photos, it may not yet handle the occasional photograph.

HP Deskjet F4580 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer

All Wrapped texture and gloss black, the scanner is integrated into the casing and the lid is on the same level as the rim surrounding the machine. Up front, the folds of the paper tray back to the track, like the Deskjet D5560 and as with this machine, you must clear the desk in front of the F4580 before you start printing, and find a place to store the paper when C ‘is not in use, or the risk of dust and spills on paper.

The control panel is unusual to be recessed into the top of the unit below its rim around it, and uses a series of five LEDs to indicate the copy settings. It has two LCD indicators, too, with the same indicator as to custom ink Deskjet D5560 and a seven segment display for the number of copies up to nine at a time.

The column of six buttons on the left side control panel for functions such as copy in black and color and to cancel jobs, are also unusual in being made from all a bunch of soft plastic simple but functional. While you probably would not expect memory card readers in an all-in-one designed primarily to print documents, it would have been useful to have a front-panel USB socket, so you can print files from a USB drive. It would be difficult to use without costly alpha-numeric LCD, though, to show names of files it contained.

The Deskjet F4580 works on the same two print cartridges as its counterpart single-function and these clip into the door header, once you’ve folded down the front for access. Sliding into the cartridges and push up fiddlier is in position for loading cartridges on some other machines. HP provides drivers for Windows and OS X 10.4 or higher on the supplied CD, but there is no indication of support for Linux users. HP Solution Center and a copy of Windows Live Gallery are provided which provides basic functionality for scanning and printing. [via trustedreviews]


Alienware M11x Gaming Notebook

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 11:35 AM PST

Alienware M11x is the latest addition to the company’s range of gaming laptops. In a form factor of 11 inches, the M11x packs the graphics power of a laptop by 15 inches. The M11x Culv get an Intel Core 2 Duo U7300 and switchable GT335M NVIDIA Geforce graphics card.

Alienware M11x starts at $799

The starting price of $ 799 to M11x has been revealed by the source code of the product page:

The Alienware M11x, with over 6.5 hours of battery life and weighing less than 4.5 lbs. will start to an incredible $ 799! Let the folks at Alienware to enable performance gaming truly mobile at an affordable price. [via itechnews ]


Lenovo IdeaPad G455A-M320 AMD Notebook

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 06:35 AM PST

Lenovo Launches the China-G455A IdeaPad Notebook powered by M320 II M320 AMD Athlon dual core 2.1GHz processor. The G455A is equipped with 512 MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4550 dedicated graphics card. It has 1 GB of RAM and hard drive 250 GB and a DVD SuperMulti burner.

Lenovo IdeaPad G455A-M320 AMD Notebook

The G455A Lenovo has a 14-inch LED backlit display with 1366 × 768, a saving of 0.3 webcam Megpaixel, a 5-in-1card reader, and integrated WiFi 2Wx2 speakers and support. It is priced at 3999 Chinese Yuan (U.S. $ 586). [via itechnews]


Sony Digital System Digital Camera

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 03:35 AM PST

There are several interesting features and news cameras awaited Sony. Naturally, there is the story 3D, and integration of this technology in the Cyber-shot cameras and Sony Alpha. As to how and when, has not yet been announced, however, we expect that to happen in summer, and before the Photokina 2010. A Sony Alpha 3D camera could well prove to be the scoop of the show.

Sony digital system camera

Whether this is true also for the highly anticipated successor to the Alpha 700 is not yet clear, but a Sony Alpha DSLR-A750 camera 3D is certainly a stunner! A segment in which Sony does not suffer from its main rivals Nikon and Canon, the market is the camera system. Currently, this market is occupied by a number of prominent players, Panasonic and Olympus, but also Samsung, a newcomer in a market that is still developing.

A Sony Alpha camera system will be able to make an impact. Most likely, a Sony camera system is equipped with a video capture function, Full HD and perhaps even support 3D. Support for SD / SDHC format opened the door to support SDXC memory card. SDXC cards a minimum storage capacity of 48GB (theoretical maximum of 2TB of storage) and a speed of fast data transfer are capable of handling 3D photography and video in Full HD.

We expect that the PMA 2010 is still too early to introduce a Sony camera system. Perhaps a clue will be given during the International Convention for the LDCs and Trade Show in Anaheim, Los Angeles, as Samsung did at the time with the NX-system. In any case, it seems that 2010, unlike 2009, will be an exciting year, at least for lovers of photography! Bring on the camera system and Sony Alpha 3D camera. [via letsgodigital]


CEntrance DACport USB Headphone Amplifier Gadgets

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 12:35 AM PST

CEntrance introduced DACport USB headphone amp. The device has the technology company AdaptiWave USB audio true 24-bit / 96kHz audio quality, management JitterGuard system clock and dual internal power supplies.

CEntrance DACport USB Headphone Amplifier

The direct coupling of a class headphone amplifier is powered via USB and supports plug-n-play. It offers a 1/4-inch stereo headphone jack. Its price is $ 500. [via itechnews]


Toshiba Satellite E205 Portable Notebook

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 09:35 PM PST

Oshiba T intros the Satellite E205 laptop, a new generation of slim and lightweight portable satellite that displays a distinctive style, performance-class technologies and new wireless capabilities that provide more freedom than ever. The new Toshiba Satellite laptop is the second collaboration between Toshiba and Best Buy as part of the initiative distributor of Blue Label.

Toshiba Satellite E205

The Toshiba Satellite E205 is one of the first laptops to feature Intel Wireless display technology, which allows consumers to wirelessly connect the laptop to an HDTV big screen and enjoy digital content with a clarity of image and sound amazing the contact of a button. Available exclusively at Best Buy stores in the country, the E205 Toshiba Satellite laptop has been built from scratch as the latest iteration in the program of Best Buy Blue Label, which develops products based directly on feedback from customers of Best Buy. The new Toshiba Satellite laptop has a brand new sleek and lightweight chassis that weighs only 5.1 kilograms, measures only 1.2 cm thick and houses of performance-class technologies, including the new Intel Core i5 -430M processor with Turbo Boost technology, while offering extensive computing time and more premium features than the average laptop all for $ 999.99.

Housed in an attractive metallic blue casing, the laptop has a glossy 14-inch diagonal widescreen LED display, backlit, keyboard, LED backlit, touch pad with Multi-Touch controls and a sleek integrated slot-loading DVD player . The Toshiba Satellite E205 also has a hard drive 500GB massive 4GB of ultra-fast DDR3 RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium, Wireless-N Wi-Fi, an HDMI port and a rating of life Battery up to six hours. The new Toshiba Satellite laptop also comes with a standard two year limited warranty from Toshiba International to ensure reliable system performance over time. [via letsgomobile]


Videotel 4022 Industrial DVD Player

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 06:35 PM PST

Videotel launches model 4022 industrial DVD player designed to play video in businesses. The 4022 is 8cm and 12cm DVD DVD-/RW, DVD + R / RW, CD audio, VCD, Picture CD, MP3 CD discs.

Videotel 4022 Industrial DVD Player

It offers component, composite and S-video and analog stereo audio outputs. The Videotel 4022 supports progressive scan and offers a zoom function. The price is $ 248.00. [via itechnews]