Witty Sparks

Witty Sparks

Vodafone Umbrella that recharges your phone battery!

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 02:01 PM PDT

Every development in the field of technology is bound to change outlook towards life. All this is nothing but an attempt by man to simplify his life. So today let us talk about one such amazing invention by man. Popular mobile network company Vodafone has come up with an extraordinary idea of a magical umbrella that not only protects you from getting wet in the rain but also recharges your phone and provides best signals so you have no trouble talking on your phone!

Now recharge your phone battery with the help of an umbrella that works on solar energy - Vodafone

Now recharge your phone battery with the help of an umbrella that works on solar energy – Vodafone

It is a hand – stitched umbrella with twelve solar cells that capture the solar rays to help you recharge your phone battery. This has been made possible through a USB cord that can be used to connect both the devices.

This amazing umbrella catches signals only within the radius of one meter and will take not more than three hours to charge your phone batter. So now can recharge your phone battery anywhere and at any time as long as it is a bright sunny day! This amazing idea has come out of a great mind. The world calls him Dr Kenneth Tong and he works at the University College London. His outstanding contribution to the world of technology was presented at the Isle of Wight Festival
on 22 June. I cant praise him enough was making such a wonderful thing that the world has never seen before.

I think it is the best gift for mankind. Do you agree?

Image Source: Vodafone: Smartphone laden via Sonnenenergie – mit diesem Schirm ist das nun möglich

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Pro Hack - Hacking Dominos Coupon Generator - Free Dominos Pizza Coupons & Discounts

Pro Hack - Hacking Dominos Coupon Generator – Free Dominos Pizza Coupons & Discounts

After multiple failed attempts to place an order of pizza and getting tired of taking follow-ups from folks at Axis Bank and Bill Desk (the gateway that  takes care of Dominos's online pizza orders) , I was frustrated a lot. Then , I came across Domino's Slot machine coupon generator. An innocent looking random coupon generator that is purely JS based and is easily hackable. NOW I AM NOT SAYING I HACKED IT AND ORDERED FREE PIZZA's , the payment gateway sucks soo much that I didn't ordered anything. But yes, I do have something to share with you.

Fire up your Google Chrome (that's enough) and open


You will see the Coupon Generator, fill in the captcha and play it, in normal circumstances , chances are -

  • You will win a coupon , if you are feeling lucky, you can try once more and then if you win again, you will have to deal with the final discount coupon you get.
  • You will get a "Try Again", you can try till the case 1 is fulfilled.

Go to Dominos Coupon Generator

Lets turn the tables ,fire up developer console by pressing F12 .

Fireup Developer Console - the prohack.com

navigate to scripts – > slot.jsGo to Slots.js - theprohack.com

Open slots and navigate to this code

change values - theprohack.com

and change the attempts value to anything you wish

change values - theprohack.com


Now navigate to this code

change values - theprohack.com

and change the value to 1

change values - theprohack.com

Now time to change duration values

$('#slot'+(slots+1)).animate( { backgroundPosition:"(0px "+bgPos+"px)"}, { duration: (10000+(slots*500)), complete: function(){
limit++; //console.log(limit);
if(limit == 4){


Change the subjected function to

$('#slot'+(slots+1)).animate( { backgroundPosition:"(0px "+bgPos+"px)"}, { duration: (1+(slots*1)), complete: function(){
limit++; //console.log(limit);
if(limit == 4){

once done , slot timers and duration will be ultra quick.

Press Ctrl + S and click on Start / Try Again and see the results : ) Cool huh ? 

Now tinker with some innocent looking functions for your experiment : ] and enjoy.

Check this For loop and especially check for #slot values and value of i , also, some crazy things can be done by changing the pixel values

if(buttonState == 'Try Again' || buttonState == 'Please wait...'){
               var i=1;
               $('#slot'+i).css('background-position','0px 0px');

Or Look for this function

$.post('process-slot.php',{ session_id : session_id},function(json){               
                var slot_result = slot_result_desc = ''; var limit = slots = 1;


Now again, I wont be divulging much here : P , you can modify completely the way the slot generator works and generate according to your whims : ] Work your way out.

Jackpot - theprohack.com - hacking Dominos Coupon Generator


PS : I did went into the site looking for coupons by being a Dominicon but the coupons there are just pathetic and almost same for all the traits like lazycon/freebicon etc.

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bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

bug I.T. s - Technology News and Updates

Viber Version 2.2 For Entertainment And Communication

Posted: 24 Jul 2012 04:56 AM PDT

In this techie era, do you own Andriod or Smart Phones? iPhones, maybe? If yes, do you know that you can maximize the use of your gadget especially on communication by subscribing and installing Viber into your phone's system? Yes you can and it's free!

So, aside from using this mobile phone as entertainment partner such as playing Angry Birds, Car racing and other Sports related digital entertainment or when you are at home with free wifi and when you get connected to internet - satisfying yourself with online games such as Scrabble, Bingo, Bejeweled or partypoker , you can also communicate with your contacts via messaging or calls. Not to mention those partygaming and LAN party stuff using your mobile phones – you also can work with your viber friends while enjoying yourself with those mentioned online games.

It's really fun! And hey, this free application just released its 2.2 version which highlights its improved User Interface on Group Messaging. It shows every member of the group's thumbnail below the message preview, with the latest sender having the large profile picture on the left. Significantly, a Smart notifications feature was included in order for user to customized alerts and for you not be bombed with dozen of alerts in which some of them are less needed or expected.

In line with this update, Viber has release its Beta version to Blackberry and Windows Phone. Nine Languages are expected to be adopted by Android version which includes Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Steelwedge Software

Steelwedge Software

Guest Perspective: S&OP Q&A with Oliver Wight

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 11:32 AM PDT

Ed. Note: In today’s guest post, Eric Deutsch, principal with Oliver Wight consulting, provides some insights into the Oliver White method of sales and operations planning, answering some of our most-asked questions. For more from Eric, see our June webinar, Developing Corporate Muscle Memory with IBP You seem to use the terms S&OP (sales & operations planing) and IBP (integrated business planning) interchangeably. What is the difference in your minds?  Is there a difference? There is a difference, and it mainly has to do with process maturity. An integrated business planning process (IBP) shares fundamental elements with sales and operations planning (S&OP) from its evolution (e.g. Demand/Supply/Inventory balancing, disciplined monthly process, etc.), but has evolved to include more robust financial integration, more robust and routine scenario planning, integration with supply chain partners, and integrated strategic planning over a longer horizon. George Palmatier, innovator and pioneer in IBP, says it simply:  “A major difference between S&OP and IBP from a leadership/management perspective is that the process is the primary process used to run the business. This includes strategic management dealing with the essence of the business. It is not just a supply chain management process.”  We often use S&OP and IBP interchangeably when we are speaking to audiences at mixed levels of process maturity, especially when we are speaking to commonalities between the two.… Read the rest