CES 2014: Pebble SmartWatch revised

CES 2014: Pebble SmartWatch revised

CES 2014: Pebble SmartWatch revised

Posted: 07 Jan 2014 05:42 AM PST

Monday night, shortly after eight clock pm. Pebble has just held its press event at CES and there are some exciting new features to the popular iOS-compatible Pebble SmartWatch.

Pebble SmartWatch

The new Pebble SmartWatch

An important number to start with: Pebble has been able to sell 300,000 watches already, not bad, but it would have been better hat it not been for ongoing supply problems. Anyway, the makers today presented a new model of SmartWatch: The Pebble Steel.

The name says it all: The housing is CNC machined from solid stainless steel. This of course has its price – $249 (≈ $249) will be due for this chic supplement for the wrist. Of course the Steel is also waterproof, the screen is now made of Corning Gorilla Glass and a new LED display gives information about the charge state of the device. On the display and other components, the design seems not much improved compared to its predecessor. So, watch the specifications in the video below.

The Pebble Steel is available in “Brushed Stainless” and “Black Matte” on getpebble.com.

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