A modular mobile phone from ZTE: The Eco-Mobius

A modular mobile phone from ZTE: The Eco-Mobius

A modular mobile phone from ZTE: The Eco-Mobius

Posted: 10 Jan 2014 12:07 PM PST

The first time someone said ‘Phonebloks’ many were very intrigued by the idea of a modular mobile phone that could be put together to their own specification. But many were also of the opinion that this is more of a pipe dream that it would not be implemented in the very near future. Well, things have turned out a little differently and as Motorola announces Project Macaw such an endeavour now seems feasible. So here comes Chinese manufacturer ZTE to turn these dreams into reality.

Modular mobile phone - Eco Mobius

Motorola’s Macaw Project: not the only modular mobile device

Since then, Motorola announced plans for Project Ara, and it looks more likely that this may lead to modular mobile phones assembled from blocks – even if it will probably be not be a mainstream thing. ZTE enters the market and presents the Eco-Mobius, a similar concept, at CES 2014.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is doing the same thing as Motorola, in principal, even if the concept doesn’t look the same. But basically they want to create the prospect of specification diversity. It was made clear during the presentation at CES 2014, however, that this is currently only a research project and ZTE have not yet planned a launch.

ZTE focuses on four main blocks for their smartphone

In designing their building system ZTE has focused on four main blocks: Core, display, battery and camera. As some may already suspect hiding behind the notion of ‘core’ is not only the processor, but also memory and other critical components. All the components are connected to each other by magnetic surfaces. Like Motorola, ZTE will be “Thinking Green” in the design of its module integration. So it will be possible to retrofit older equipment individually, rather than disposing of them and having to purchase new ones. In this way, only individual parts must be replaced and not the whole device.

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